No 21 Beauty Within

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We want you to enjoy your treatments at No. 21, so come in, relax and let the professionals do their work. For every treatment you choose, we will thoroughly prepare the nail. Maintaining a healthy nail plate is a priority for us.

Where necessary, we can assess the best treatment option for you, or, you can simply tell us what you want.

Bio-Sculpture Gel

A durable, flexible coating applied to your own nails. It dries instantly, so no spoiling before you get home. It gives you added strength and is long wearing and chip proof. Comes off in minutes with no filing of the natural nail. Bio-sculpture varnishes matching your gel colour are available for purchase along with top coat and removers.

Bio Gel – colour £39.00 chrome £40.00
Bio Gel – french £40.00
Single nail repair £5.00


Goes on like polish, has a lasting high gloss shine and is fully dry before you leave. Lasts for 2 weeks and beyond. Comes off in minutes with no filing of the natural nail.

Shellac – colour £36.00 chrome £37.00
Shellac – french £40.00

Solar Oil

We have a range of Bio-sculpture polishes for sale. Also, solar oil which we encourage our clients to use to promote healthy, natural nails.

Manicure and Pedicure

Firstly, we will cut and shape your toenails and tidy the cuticles. Then your feet are soaked and cleansed in warm, scented water to soften the skin. An exfoliating rub will slough off dead skin with salts or minerals. Moisturiser is then massaged into your feet to refresh and soften your skin and a polish applied.

We recommend that you bring open toed shoes for pedicures that are using regular polish.

Spa Manicure £32.00
Spa Pedicure* with varnish £42.00
*with Bio Sculpture colour £50.00
*with Bio Sculpture French £52.00
*with Shellac colour £50.00
*with Shellac French £52.00

Mini Manicure and Pedicure

We reshape the nails, tidy the cuticles and use Bio Sculpture nail polish which is long lasting with a high shine.

Hands £20.00
Feet £22.00