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Tropic skincare products are 100% naturally derived and packed full of innovative, tropical ingredients. The skincare range is tailor-made so that, whatever your complexion, nourishing plant extracts work in harmony to feed, protect and rejuvenate your skin.

Tropics products are available to purchase from the salon.
No 21 Facials

Tropics Prescription Facial

A deeply relaxing facial individually chosen to suit your skin type. Including a back massage, this facial will deep cleanse, rehydrate and restore your skin to its natural radiance using certified organic essential oils and floral extracts which work in harmony with your skin.

55 mins £55.00

No.21 Signature Facial

This treatment uses a combination of nature and science for the best results. Firstly we use a Lumispa for a thorough cleanse of the skin. This ensures that the products used can penetrate the skin effectively. After a relaxing massage, and mask, we use an ageLOC® Face Conductor. Used with galvanic face gels, there are many benefits to this facial. It is detoxifying, increases oxygen and circulation, skincare products can penetrate deeper and wrinkles are reduced.

55 mins £65.00

Tropic Express 45 Min Facial

A relaxing treatment that includes a 15 min back massage and 30-minute Tropic facial individually chosen to suit your skin type.

45 mins £45.00